100th Post & 1st Prize

Today (5th of January), I have posted one hundred post in my blog asudomo.wordpress.com. What a nice moment for me. I have been blogging since january 2011. I worried I don’t have enough time to manage my blog. But later, I can cover that. I find something fun instead. Especially when I know something that called “blogwalking”. Blogwalking is like visit our neighbour’s home. We can have a serious dicussion with them or just for say hello. Once we visit our friends blog they will visit back our blog. So many thing I can get from blogwalking. Many thoughts, insight, and story. I called that inspiration.

Not only 100th post. Today I receive a packet from Ibu Fauzan and  Mama Olive. The packet is photo contest’s prize that holded by Ibu fauzan and Mama Olive. My photo is choosen as winner. This is the 1st time I win give away event. What a wonderfull day, two happiness in one day.

My Stupid Boss 4

At last I would like say thank’s to my lord ALLAH SWT. Sholawat and Salam for my prophet MUHAMMAD SAW. For my friend from bloggeripb.org, mas dab, alkadri, mbak dhilla, kang asop, the orin, amela, mas nando and all of blogger on worlwide. All happiness that I received today is spirit for me to do the best.

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